With Autumn Change, Hope is in the Air


What an amazing day this is already. The beauty outside my window this morning is inspiring. Those leaves of abundant color once gave shade on hot summer days; the sound of wind swishing through them often lulling me to sleep.

In years gone by, as fall set in and the leaves gently tumbled to the ground, I found myself mourning their loss. This morning I choose to see them differently.

As the leaves turn colors and release themselves from the branches, I now see transformation taking place with hope in the air. There is a sense of melting away of the old to make room for the new. I’m realizing that what was once important is now a thing of the past….and that there is something new emerging.

The choice is to either resist the change or find the beauty in it. This morning…I rest easily knowing that buds will return in spring, bringing new dimension to the world that surrounds us.

My friends, I invite you to embrace the change that is coming by opening your hearts and minds to the beauty and wonder of what life has in store for you.

14368832_1734781343439982_9211166564614222854_nWritten by Joanne Angeli, Founder and CEO of New Heart Coaching

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