Had I Known Then….



It’s official….the new year is here!  Happy NEW year to you!



The holidays were fabulous for me because I was able to spend time with my children and their significant others.  The gift of time was the best gift I could have EVER wished to have received.

The holidays were a very reflective time for me as I experienced (in AWE) the amazing adults they have become.  My beautiful children are now adults thriving in their lives in their worlds…exactly how it was meant to be.  And yet I couldn’t help but remember the years of worry that plagued me as a single mom.

Had I only known then what I know now!

So what about all that ANXIETY, FEAR and FRUSTRATION that we shared as they were growing up?  

So many fears…Of them not being ready for college….Of not getting straight “A’s” that seemed to be the gold standard….Or of all those dinner conversations that went south because we didn’t have time to understand each other’s perspective.  

It was so very real at the time, as it consumed us and of our time together.

Now that they are adults and living their lives far from home, I’m saddened by how those anxieties, fears and frustrations robbed us of our precious and limited times.  What I know today is that, even though those were very real pains for us, there would have been ways to reduce (and even eliminate) those anxieties, fears and frustrations.

…had I just known then what I know now.

Although I can’t turn back time, what I CAN do is offer insights through experience, systems and process to bringing joy and connection into the lives of students and parents.

As an academic life coach, I work through the very same challenges that I experienced as a parent with my students and families.  They learn to use systems, process and strategies that lead to better communication and confidence in learning.

Clients identify their core motivators, learning and memory styles, and how to put them to use.  They learn core life skills that reduce stress ~  something as simple as how to effectively use a planner and how to organize a backpack. Yes! It makes a huge difference.  Thry also go on to create personal mission statements using powerful communication skills.

Starting 2017 with a new perspective and plan will open the opportunity for connection and joy within your family.  Here’s a link to my website to find out how to schedule a complimentary clarity call ~ http://www.newheartcoaching.com

There IS an easier way!  Academic Life Coaching brings connection back to families.


Had I only known then what I know now!!!

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