A Matter of Life….And Death

A Matter of LIFE…And Death

October 12, 2017

Several weeks ago I shared my excitement that I would be making an announcement of a new business model for New Heart Coaching on October 1st.  At the time, I was working closely with a creative and inspiring mentor to create a life-changing opportunity for those brave enough to face their deepest fears, turn limiting beliefs inside out and paint a personal image of awesomeness with high def clarity.

That was then.

Late last night life happened, as it often does when we least expect it.  In this case, it was death that happened.  I learned that on Sunday, October 8th, the world lost a beacon of light and I lost a mentor, friend, coach, and guide.  After a very brief illness, Pat Schuler’s life came to a sudden end.

As I mourn the loss of Pat’s physical presence, I am faced with a sense of vulnerability and fear, along with the question so many of my clients ask themselves, “NOW WHAT?”

What will I do without her guidance and inspiration?  What will I tell you about the new business model?  What will I do to get back on track to rolling out a life-transforming program?  Now what?

Pat’s husband, Brian, shared these words:  “To trust and allow became Pat’s benchmark, her compass, and her solace throughout this experience.   Each of us can learn a profound lesson from her example.”  He went on to write, “I believe very strongly that if you allow yourself to embrace your stillness….that you will still be able to hear her guidance.”

And wouldn’t you know it!  He was right.  Within a matter of hours of receiving Brian’s message, I was driving on the highway with Pat on my mind and in my heart.  I kept asking, “Now what?”

And there it was ~ a big, white truck with nothing printed on it except the words,

“Whatever it takes!”

As a believer in spiritual messages, I know that it was Pat’s answer for me.  


For today, as I process my sadness, my NOW WHAT is to admit vulnerability in not being ready to release the new business model and to share with you that life happens to each of us.

More importantly, today I will “trust and allow” a deep and cherished connection with Pat’s continued guidance.

Now what?

Whatever it takes!

Rest in peace, Pat.


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4 Responses to A Matter of Life….And Death

  1. What gifts you share with us – your sorrow, your vulnerability, and your hopes for the future. Pat is present with you and you brought her light to us too.

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  2. Thank you, Pam. Shining the light is what she wants.


  3. wenfy says:

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and mentor. You are so amazing. I never doubt that you will do whatever it takes… You have been living that for years now. Pat subtly reminded you! Blessings and love… Here to chat if you like? Hugs, Wendy


  4. Terriann Riebe-Beno says:

    Very sad to hear of the loss of such an inspiring person. Thank you for sharing JoJo. As always I belive a book is inside you begging to be written. R.I.P. PAT. I am a believer in life’s echoing lessons……….i


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