Life Coaching

beach-1720547_1280We’re all familiar, understand, and accept that professional athletes have coaches.  The role of the coach is to push the athlete to achieve optimum performance and to help them overcome obstacles on their path to achieving success.

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer? Then you are very familiar with how they push you harder than you would on your own and they get you to work out even when you don’t want to.

As a personal development coach and an academic life coach, I do the same with my clients. My role as a coach is to provide guidance, support, motivation, and most of all, accountability.

I specialize in two areas of coaching:

Women ~

I utilize a coaching method that uses systems and strategies tailored to the client’s uniqueness.  Rest assured that this isn’t a “One size fits all” approach. Clients progress through four elements of awareness, alignment, action, and accountability.

Millennials ~

My mission is to help you gain a strong sense of self, direction, and confidence.  Using the “Life Design Catalyst”, we move through a  process of self-discovery and creating a visionary plan for your life with your core purpose and goals in mind. 

Chances are it feels like running from your own shadow

and are desperate for something more.

Are you a good fit for New Heart Coaching?

The ideal client is one who is to abandon the excuses, break the mold and do the heavy lifting of their life.

What Kind of Client Isn’t a Good Fit?

It’s difficult to get results with people who want me to “fix” a problem or offer quick solutions.  I don’t have magic pixie dust to sprinkle over clients, so I’m not a good match for someone who wants a coach that will make everything all better by “fixing” them or their issues.


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