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You know the saying: “Knowledge is Power.”  There is no greater truth to that saying as when it comes to families preparing for the leap from high school to college.  “College by Design Consulting” utilizes a systematic approach to preparing students, beginning with a personal assessment, to writing quality admissions application through to the transition onto a college campus.

Because the college admissions process is so particular, we tailor a family’s experience to help them get to where they want to be. Typically, we will focus on three main areas:

a. Building a student’s core skill sets that naturally creates a strong application. The program provides students with the skills that college admissions officers expect.
b. Finding a great fit college. We prompt students with just the right questions to help them reflect and make this decision.
c. Guiding students through every aspect of the college application process. We teach students to create systems and well-designed actions to meet and navigate deadlines throughout the admissions process.

Students learn to make decisions and take steps that have an exponential impact on their future and can drastically influence the upward trajectory of personal fulfillment and success.

The Challenges of Getting to College

College by Design Consulting works with high school students, and their parents, as they face the challenges of the college going process, primarily:

  • Uncertainty about how to take the best path forward ~ Students in the program are better equipped to make these decisions with a deep understanding of their values, skills and interests.
  • Anxiety about college (and the college application process) ~  This consulting program, is designed to help students navigate the college going process, while supplementing the work of their high school college counselor.

Highly Effective and Proven 5-Step Process:

1. Celebrating Personal Inventory & Intention ~
Recognizing strengths and qualities, students move confidently in the direction of their goals.

2. Enjoying the College Search ~
Exploring the characteristics of colleges that are a good fit for the student’s learning styles and motivations makes college matching enjoyable and fun.

3. Maximizing the Written Word ~
Formulating effective mission statements,  personal statements and statement for consideration of special circumstance that promote individual characteristics and leadership.

4. Navigating the Process ~
Advice on navigating the processes of college applications, Common App, FAFSA, and scholarships, along with resources for SAT and ACT prep.

5. Surviving the Leap~
Adjusting to the pace at which classes are taught

  • Where reading is considered to be background information for what is being discussed in the lecture hall
  • Where information cannot merely be memorized as most college exams ask for application to solve problems
  • Where life’s daily requirements (such as laundry, preparing meals, washing dishes or clothing, making doctor’s appointments and more) are handled by someone else, parents are reminding them to study.

Why College by Design Works

Giving advice often seems like the natural impulse, especially as an adult working with a young person in high school or college.  Part of the benefit of working with College by Design is that the student is given an opportunity to direct their own learning and growth.

As a life coach for students, our job is to hold the student’s agenda as the highest priority and work with them to create action steps that will deepen their learning and lead to the outcomes they desire.  The foundation of truly effective coaching is a coach’s respect for and commitment to coaching around what the student really values.

Supporting Parents

The transition from high school to college is a major adjustment for students, as well as for parents.  Although we cannot turn back time, there is a way to enjoy the limited time we are given with our children.  I’m here to offer a gift to you and your child.

“College by Design” offers parents the gift of finding a way to take and survive the leap.  We provide a proven process that enables your child operate to their greatest potential…equipped with skills of strategic thinking, problem solving and the ability to work well with others.

And as for you, the loving parent, although you might feel a sense of loneliness and missing your child, you’ll rest easily knowing that you did all you possibly could to equip your child with the necessary skills to succeed in college and to live a fulfilled life.&nb