Hi, I’m Joanna Angeli

As a Life Navigator, I am an unwavering life coach who believes in personal brilliance and that each of us deserves to live a life filled with peace and joy. I’m compassionate and uncompromising with fire in my belly for making change happen.

How does that help you ~ You’ll move through a process of self-discovery to create a visionary plan for your life, with your core values, purpose and goals as your compass. It will be your time to focus on yourself from multiple perspectives by exploring, reflecting, meditating, experiencing, learning and creating. We’ll work using a holistic approach to life that engages you to feel empowered, passionate, energetic and committed to the life you desire.

How Did I Get Here  ~ For me, facing my “canyon” happened when my children headed off to college and I found myself as a single mom living in a beautiful home with two snuggly dogs and a successful career as a non-profit CEO.  My identity was tightly wrapped around those two things.  When my children left home to begin their adult lives (which is exactly how it was meant to be) my career became my focus…long days, sleepless nights, and stress to continue achieving more.

So cool!!! Sooo wonderful!!! And yet, it wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t fulfilled as I had hoped to be even though I had exactly what (I thought) I wanted.

Facing the Edge of the Canyon ~ That’s when a real sense of emptiness set it. Living in a rather dark world shed light on the need to make real and bold changes in my life.

What wasn’t immediately clear was that I, like so many others, was experiencing a significant revision of my life. And so began the questions.

“Now what”
“Who am I?”
“What do I really want in my next chapter of life?”
“What am I willing to accept?”
“What am I willing to change?”

That’s when I decided to hire my first life coach and discovered who I am at a most genuine level and what I truly value. As it turned out, it wasn’t the CEO title, the lovely house or even the financial comfort that I had come to know.

Uniting Mind & Heart ~ Tapping into my inner knowing, I found that my soul was longing for peace and joy. I was overcome with a sense of awe for what became my new life.

As I stood in deep appreciation of all that life had to offer, it settled in that what I wanted most was to inspire hope in others to realize the same for themselves. I found my “next chapter”, which brought meaning and purpose.  And so began my journey as a life coach.

Looking back I realize that it took a great deal of courage (and a hefty dose of “chutzpah”) to make a significant career change “at my age”. Becoming a life coach meant that I needed the necessary training to lend credibility to my work. I completed my training as a co-active coach through the Coaches Training Institute and then earned my certification as an Academic Life Coach and a Life Design Catalyst Coach.

What About The Canyon Today ~ There have been times when I felt that my life was a series of trips to canyon’s edge. I was either standing in awe of the beauty before me, while other times I felt broken and teetering on the brink.

Coaching became a gift of self-discovery as I learned to stand in awe of the new life I have since created for myself. Beauty and splendor now move me forward at a steady pace with a feeling of “I’ve got this!” And yet, every now and then, I wander too far and find myself at the edge of another canyon needing to be crossed.  Although it seems deep and wide, I know from that discerning place inside of me, that this new canyon is meant for me to conquer. It’s the invitation to my next step, my expansion, my aliveness calling me. Deep down inside I know that for me to grow, I absolutely must trust the steps from my comfortable vista to get me to the other side.

And then it happens!  I take the leap…or at least the first few steps. And for a brief second, it feels like I’ve lost my balance and I’m going to tumble; until the moment when I realize I’m breaking my stride. I bravely move toward my limitless capacities to emerge again with grace and ease.

Want to find out if coaching is right for you?

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