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Life’s Purpose on Purpose: 4 Steps to Living Your Dream

Do you ever catch yourself…
-Doing something that leaves you feeling resentful?
-Feeling like you just betrayed your best friend?
-When in fact you just betrayed yourself?
-Feeling that you wish you could do the group outing that YOU want to do? —-Instead of always going along with whatever everyone else does?

Learn to use them to guide you into your life’s purpose. Laser focus ignites who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to do.  Discover the meaning of your values and get serious about what you want in life, lock in with 20/20 vision, and design your action plan to get you to who you were meant to be.

Responsibility: It’s 100% Yours!

Personal responsibility occurs when people take an active role in their lives by recognizing they are accountable for their success.  One hundred percent personal responsibility is demonstrated when people make choices and take actions that lead them toward their personal, educational and professional goals.  Join this session to discover your level of personal responsibility and leave with actions to owning your life.

Discover your level of personal responsibility and leave with actions to owning your life starting today!

Understanding Your Core Motivation

Falling into a rut is easy; getting out of it can be painful.  Fill your toolbox with skills to keep from falling in and getting stuck (again), as you learn to dodge the pitfalls with grace and ease.  Recognize and acknowledge your many habits. Discover how to change those that no longer serve you. Get to the heart of what motivates you ~ bringing to life wonder and beauty as passion emerges from beneath your everyday habits.

Knowing Your Future Self to Disempower Your Limiting Beliefs

Doing your life’s work creates mysterious forces of resistance. While your “future self” is waiting for you holding your hopes and dreams, that pesky “inner critic” continues to share messages, stories, and excuses that hold you back. You will learn to disarm the resistance as you give power to your new cast of supporting characters.