Life by Design

“Today I Rise” ~ From Blaze of Grace

“Where are you little girl with broken wings, but full of hope?  Where are you wise woman covered in wounds?  Where are you? “

“The world is missing what I am ready to give.”

“Today I will start to offer the world the wisdom of my heart.”

Now what?

That’s the question I hear over and over again from new clients.

Like many women at midlife (let’s just call us “40+”), you may find yourself stuck (and possible paralyzed) between the life you’ve known and the emerging struggle with “now what?”

You know that place.

You’ve been a mom, a wife, a career person.  And now you find yourself restless, frustrated, unhappy or bored (the list goes on) with a hunger to be more or maybe to do more.  What you know for certain is the yearning that is calling you to get out of the old and into the new.

Chances are that your bookshelves are filled with oodles of self-help books and you may have created a Pinterest board of inspirations and treating your life is a “Do-It-Yourself” project.  You’re exhausted and frustrated from spinning your wheels searching for the road that leads to feeling joy-filled and complete.

Does any of that sound familiar?

It was to me.  My kids became adults and moved off to different cities.  And there I was.  Me.  Alone on my porch swing wondering who I was and, more importantly, wondering what it was that was going to bring my life a sense of fulfillment.

In spite of all the books, Ted Talks, and inspirational videos something was missing. What I needed was to be heard without judgment, challenged in my perspectives, and the gift of being held accountable.

That’s when I hired my first life coach.  I quickly became unstuck by defining the things that really mattered to me.  Self-discovery is an amazing process of discovering what already lies within us.  We discover the essence of living with purpose and joy and then creating the next chapter grace and ease.

What’s so inspiring and exciting about your “Next Chapter”?

The possibilities are endless!

Imagine yourself in a safe, non-judgemental space where you get to visualize a fresh, new path that is fashioned by your very personal values and then manifested into reality.  Imagine the day when someone says, “You look so happy.  What’s up?” or “Whatever it is that you have, I want some.”  You’ll be able to tell them (or not) that you’re on the most amazing journey of self-discovery that is leading you to a life of “awe”.

The pages of your next chapter will turn as you take charge of your life; celebrating your successes along the way.  With the right questions and customized exercises, you will be amazed how new ideas will occur to you, along with new possibilities for your life ~ new ways to make things happen that, until now, you’ve only dreamed of.  And by being held accountable for your actions (or sometimes in-actions), you’ll soon find yourself moving forward to living the life of your dreams.

Let’s get started today!

After all, IT’S YOUR LIFE!   And you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

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